Margaret Feinberg


Date posted: October 26, 2009

Often after I give talks people seem to sniff out the fact that I read a lot, so people come bounding up to me asking for recommendations of books to read. Often I am dumbstruck, this is normally because I am reading some obscure history book about some strange obsession that I have at that moment. I also find so many contemporary Christian books difficult to recommend simply because without wanting to sound judgemental, a lot of books these days seem like pop psychology with a thin Christian veneer.

However one author that I have been recommending to people is Margaret Feinberg. I had the privilege of meeting Margaret and her husband Leif earlier in the year, who besides being really interesting people, were incredibly helpful, giving this car less Aussie a lift back to my hotel, a journey which I had naively intended to walk ( I had not realized that being a pedestrian was against the law in Southern California). Margaret has a unique style, in which she manages to both be readable and profound at the same time.  Check out Margaret’s books  The Sacred Echo and The Organic God as well as her latest Scouting the Divine.

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